Benefits of WMSHL Membership

We are a member owned, shared healthcare laundry that operates as a non-profit cooperative. This laundry was established in 1975 by a group of hospitals that came together to ensure non-interrupted service, and that they could benefit from all of the advantages of a shared facility. This shared facility has continued to grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of our original and many new members.

All of our members have a role in the cooperative. Our goal is to deliver the quantity and quality of service that allows you to operate smoothly and effectively.

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Membership Representation

Board of Directors

Each owning member designates a representative to sit on the Board of Directors. Each director has an equal vote regardless of location or volume. Among the boards activities is approval of the annual budget, operational performance review and strategic planning. It’s through the Board of Directors that facilities ensure that the laundry remains a sound business operating in the best interest of its members. The Board of Directors meets quarterly and as needed.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a sub-committee comprised of current members of the Board of Directors, elected by the Board to make detailed pre-evaluations and recommendations as needed.

Linen Utilization Committee

Each owning and non-owning members have the right to designate a representative to sit on the Linen Utilization Committee. This committee meets quarterly to decide processing and linen selection issues. This is a very active committee that has been instrumental in the many linen and service upgrades that have taken place over the years.

Types of Participation

Non-Owning Member Patron

This is the vender type agreement where we provide services at negotiated costs and terms. The advantages are shorter-term commitments and the freedom to customize all aspects of the relationship. The disadvantages are higher costs per pound, no seat/vote on the board of directors.

Non-Owning Members
  • Copper Ridge Surgery Center
  • Muskegon Surgery Center
  • Porter Hills

Owning Member

Advantages of ownership include more operational control through a seat/vote on the Board of Directors, lower costs per pound reflecting the reduced risk of providing them service. Another advantage is any taxable income must be returned to the owners in cash or equity at the end of each year. The disadvantages of this relationship are long-term commitments and nonĀ­ negotiable terms.

To become an owner, a facility must apply and be accepted as a member by 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors.

Owning Members:
  • Allegan General Hospital
  • Bronson Battle Creek
  • Bronson Lakeview Hospital
  • Bronson Methodist
  • Corewell Health – Big Rapids
  • Corewell Health Blodgett
  • Corewell Health Gerber
  • Corewell Health Lakeland Medical Center
  • Corewell Health LCH, Watervliet
  • Corewell Health LRHS Continuing Care
  • Corewell Health LRHS Niles
  • Corewell Health Ludington
  • Corewell Health Medical Center
  • Corewell Health – Pennock
  • Corewell Health – Reed City
  • Corewell Health – Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Corewell Health RNC Fuller
  • Corewell Health – United Memorial
  • Corewell Health Zeeland
  • Faith Hospice
  • Heartwood Lodge
  • Holland Community Hospital
  • Holland Home – Breton
  • Holland Home – Raybrook
  • Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Mercy – Sherman
  • Mercy Health Lakeshore
  • Munson – Cadillac
  • Munson – Charlevoix
  • Munson – Grayling
  • Munson – Manistee
  • Munson – Medical Center
  • Munson – Otsego
  • Munson – Paul Oliver
  • North Ottawa Community Hospital
  • Oaklawn Hospital
  • Saint Mary’s Hospital
  • Sheridan Community Hospital
  • SJRMC – Mishawaka
  • SJRMC – Plymouth
  • Sturgis Hospital
  • University of Michigan Health West
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