True Leaders in the Hospital Linen Industry

For nearly 50 years WMSHL has been working with the medical industries to provide the most cost effective and efficient linen service. Currently, WMSHL serves 40 owning healthcare facilities around Michigan and Northern Indiana. We are also proud to serve 3 non-owning associate members and over 500 clinics and off-sites in the region.

Why Healthcare Facilities Choose WMSHL

Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to making sure you receive linens that meet all regulatory recommendations and standards to the highest degree.

Customer Satisfaction

When you work with WMSHL, you gain a partner dedicated to helping your facility run as efficiently and cost effective as possible.

Continuous Improvement

WMSHL is always expanding and improving on our products and services, keeping up with the latest technology and practices in the industry.


Your Partner in Healthcare Linen Management

We are a member owned, shared healthcare laundry that operates as a non-profit cooperative. WMSHL was established in 1975 by a group of hospitals that came together to ensure non-interrupted service and to benefit directly from all the advantages of a shared facility. This shared facility has continued to grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of our original and many new members.

All of our members have a role in the cooperative. Our goal is to deliver the quantity and quality of service that allows you to operate smoothly and effectively.

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