You must place linen orders by 10:00 AM the day prior to delivery.

From time to time, a few extra empty carts may be needed at the facility; however, the same number of soiled carts should be returned as carts of clean linen received.

The shortage is most likely happening because of the following:

  • The drop shelf carts are not being used correctly; the shelves must be dropped to hold sufficient soiled linen.
  • The drop shelf carts are not fully filled with soiled linen.
  • The carts must be completely filled with the soiled linen upon return to the laundry.

Partially filled carts should be consolidated to create only full carts of linen.

  • Daily orders of linen must approximate what is required in order to be freed up to be used for the soiled linen.
  • The staff ordering the clean linen needs to be checking the amount on hand to ensure that linen and carts are circulating. Otherwise, linen will sit on carts and be unavailable to send back soiled linen.
  • There are sufficient carts at the facility to accommodate your volume.

WMSHL receives lost items daily, including several pocket telemetry monitors. We receive soiled linen from over 50 hospitals, surgery centers, and nursing homes. If your facility has lost items, please fill out a Lost and Found form to report it. Please list as much information as possible to aid in the return of your item if it comes to the laundry. You will be notified if the item is found.

If items are marked with the facility account number, it assists in getting items back to the hospital.

If lost items are found, WMSHL will contact the individual who notified us of the lost item and return it to that facility.

As you know, WMSHL is a shared cooperative pool laundry set up to process thousands of pounds of soil each day. Although we do take measures to decrease the amount of linen that goes out with tape or similar adhesive products, we also need help from facilities.

  • Please speak to nursing personnel regarding removing tape and EKG patches before putting linen in the soil.
  • Remind nursing personnel that this adds to overall processing and replacement costs, which can be passed on to the facilities if not corrected.
  • Any additional help in dealing with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

WMSHL uses high-production feeders, folders, and stackers to process clean linen. Each employee has a standard level to meet, and the product must move quickly through the system. Catching every stain or tear in the linen is impossible, and it is not cost-effective to slow the production line. (WMSHL processes textiles at over 140 pounds per operator hour)

To accommodate items that get through like this, WMSHL has a Reject Linen Policy in place.

  1. WMSHL will credit any linen that does not meet our Customer Quality Control standards.
  2. All unusable linen should be placed in the provided BROWN linen bags for return.
  3. A tour can be coordinated through Customer Services to view the plant in operation for any interested staff.

Any quality concerns can be directed to your Customer Relations Manager.

The Quality Control Standards were set and approved by the Board of Directors. Any changes or revisions would need to be brought to the Linen Utilization Committee and then to the Board for review.

The Quality Control Standards can be found here.

BULK MEMBERS (Hospitals, Offsite, Long-Term Care):

  • To assist with the delivery missed due to a holiday, members shall follow these steps:
  • The week before the holiday, gradually alter your “ON HAND COUNTS” daily. This will allow you to build up stock to get through a missed delivery on holiday.
  • If a holiday falls on a day that you would normally place an order online:¬†
    • You must place the order by 10:00 AM, TWO business days prior to the holiday
  • You must place the order by 10:00 AM on the Thursday prior to the holiday using¬†
    • Tuesday’s date.
    • If necessary, in the event of a planned absence, members may place an order(s) up to six days in advance