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Being “green” is an advantage that all responsible business models covet. WMSHL is proud to be one of the most energy-efficient healthcare laundries in North America. Grand Rapids Business Journal felt...

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About Us

WMSHL offers the most comprehensive linene management team in our region boasting over seven decades of linen management exptertise.

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WMSHL has made a significant investment in the most innovative and energy-efficient laundry processing equipment available today to ensure that our members will be part of a viable and cost-effective healthcare laundry for the next 20-30 years.

WMSHL, along with American Laundry Systems designed our healthcare laundry system to be one of the most energy-efficient, technologically advanced laundries in North America. We operate as a “steamless laundry” which means our hot water supply comes from indirect contact water heaters rather than steam produced from boilers. Operating as a “steamless laundry” saves up to 40% on utility costs.

We also utilize “plate and frame” heat reclamation systems to heat incoming city water without adding to utility costs. Our ceramic micro-filtration system allows us to reuse water in our wash system, thereby greatly reducing water consumption and sewer costs.

Our self-contained thermal fluid irons also use less energy as well as create a more tolerant, ambient air temperature that contributes to an increase in employee morale and productivity. We also can adjust ironer temperature depending on linen type for more consistent quality.

In addition to extensive facility improvements, WMSHL continues to recycle all plastic linen bags. By our very nature as a reusable linen healthcare laundry, we are environmentally friendly compared to the cost and impact of disposable linen. 

We understand the mission the healthcare industry has enacted towards environmentally friendly procedures and policy. Rest assured, our mission is consistent with yours!